GROW Level 2: Reproducing

Relating for Spiritual Impact

Relating for Spiritual Impact

One of the big disconnects in today’s church culture involves the failure to translate personal spiritual growth into building intentional relationships for the purpose of investing spiritually in others. Body life is suffering immensely from this critical breakdown. While many experts tag this issue as an outcome of self-focused culture, we believe it is due in large part to a gap in discipleship training.

Building on the personal spiritual growth skills of Level 1, the GROW Series Level 2 content invests forward into building intentional spiritual relationships, helping people see what’s true and helping them do something about it. We do not exist for our own pleasure and pursuit. God created us for relationships and community. This critical level equips you with first steps toward strong influence.

Here you:

  • Understand how you are positioned intentionally for influence.
  • Gain tactics for meaningful conversations and willing service for others.
  • Discover how to recognize experiences as God’s leading in people’s lives.

Your outcome: Practical skills to have more meaningful conversations and deeper relationships to help others.

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Study Includes

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  • 7 Topics