GROW Level 1: Grounding

Rooted in God’s Design for Spiritual Life

Rooted in God’s Design for Spiritual Life

The fundamental concept of spiritual growth is that God designed, called and resourced each of His children for incredible impact for the Kingdom. He also lovingly uses people and experiences as opportunities to refine believers toward that end… to understand His purposes for them and to develop their capacity to invest God-given gifts and abilities in the Kingdom economy.

The GROW System Level 1 content is built around the Learning Cycle. Jesus connects with us first at the ground level. That’s why Pilgrimage brings every person – regardless of prior discipleship, ministry or leadership experience – to this first step. Here you:

  • Engage with God’s agenda for your life
  • See what God is doing and prepare to change
  • Respond in a way that produces growth.

Your outcome: Personal preparedness to follow God’s direction for you.

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  • 6 Topics